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Real estate development:No value creation without sustainability

Anyone who invests in real estate expects an increase in value. The basis for this is buildings that make money. But efficiency alone is not enough. These days, properties have to meet people's needs. This creates true sustainability. And that's something we know all about. We combine our experience from more than 650 projects with expertise in the planning, construction and building operation phases of propert development. We know the STRABAG Group is by our side. With the STRABAG Group, we have expertise in all areas throughout the life cycle of a property.

Image montage: the grassy Facade of the Dancing Towers as a sign of sustainability.
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Simone Walser
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Rapid change leads to new challenges. We see them as an opportunity to help shape the future of real estate on the path towards sustainability.

Future-proof real estate:"Real Smart": How change works

We find it difficult to stand still. We are driven by an urge to explore and improve. Because the demands placed on building projects change with society. Three megatrends are dominating the industry: Sustainable building concepts are mandatory, individualisation is creating more diverse requirements and digitalisation provides new solutions. Reconciling these aspects is our bread and butter. And doing so in such a way that new technology is used where it really makes sense. We are pleased when concepts adapt intelligently to change and prove themselves in practice.

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Research and implementation:No sooner said than done

Whether with regard to climate protection, mobility or living and working comfort: Real estate concepts today call for fresh ideas. Where solutions are required, we look for new approaches. Our goal: to be socially responsible, to achieve high returns and to maintain low operating costs. For us, research and implementation go hand in hand. This mentality makes our teams agile, imaginative and – simply put – good at what we do.

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Construction with reduced CO₂ emissions

Albstadtweg, Stuttgart

Wood hybrid

The Wild, Vienna

Smart mobility - The BORX in Hamburg

Borx, Hamburg

Heating with ice

H3ö, Hannover

Mobile access

DCO, Ljubljana

Environment and ecology:Growing with the standards

Certifications are useful if they set new standards in terms of sustainability. We are proud to be one of the first to measure our projects against strict benchmarks for new labels. They help us to improve the quality of our work and develop innovations. One example is the gold multiple certification for office buildings, which we developed with the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB): Around 50 percent of the stringent requirements are standard in our office buildings today. This means that all properties benefit – with or without a test seal.

Image of the various quality seals of industry such as DGNB, ÖGNI, Breeam

Joint venture partnerships:The safe route to success

The risk associated with large projects decreases when there are several shoulders to bear it. As a joint venture partner, we see ourselves as a driving force for building projects across company boundaries. What do we bring to the table? Whatever services the project requires. Our portfolio ranges from financing to planning and implementation. We therefore cover the entire value chain of the properties. References for successful partnerships are SQUARE TWO, SILO Office Park and DC Residential in Vienna.

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Image: Building exterior view of the DC Living residential project.

Our references

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Vienna · Under construction


  • Living
Image: Modern office building with terraces in the business district of Ljubljana


Ljubljana · Under construction


  • Office
  • Mobile access
  • Concrete-core activation
  • Showers and cloakrooms