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Donau-City-Strasse 1 1220 Vienna / Austria Tel: +43 1 22 422 7000 Fax: +43 1 22 422 7410 Email: Represented by the managing directors Herwig Schwarz, Erwin Größ, Johannes Mayr Commercial Court of Vienna Companies Register No. FN 226332t Tax ID No. ATU57093326 DVR No. 2109999 (Austrian Data Processing Register) The Object of the company

(a) the development of projects, in particular construction projects, and operating as a building developer including the associated legal transactions ("project development"); (b) the purchase and sale of sites and buildings and the construction of buildings and the acquisition of all rights for the development of land and property, such as building rights or rights to build on third-party land in respect of the property; (c) the commercial leasing of real estate; (d) the commercial leasing of movables; (e) the provision of services in conjunction with the leasing of real estate; (f) management consultancy and consulting in property matters; (g) acquisition of stakes in other companies or firms, in particular in the sectors of "property consulting/real estate service", "building development + project management", "real estate management" and "foreign property"; (h) a takeover of the management of other companies or firms, in particular also as a managing partner (i) trading in goods of all kinds. The company is entitled to engage in all business and measures which are necessary or seem conducive to the attainment of the object of the company, in particular for the establishment of branches and subsidiaries at home and abroad and for the acquisition of stakes in other companies. Sectors

STRABAG Real Estate GmbH is a member of the Economic Chamber of Vienna (section Real Estate and Property, provincial guild Construction) and is licensed under the provisions of commercial law to operate in the following sectors:

  • Developer

  • Real estate agent

  • Master Builder

The applicable trade law provisions of the Industrial Code of Austria can be found on the website of the Legal Information System of the Republic of Austria. STRABAG Real Estate in the index of Austrian companies WKO Firmen A-Z


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