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Our heart beats for green concrete

Concrete is a true all-rounder. It impresses with its high strength, durability, fire, and weather resistance and is therefore ideal for the construction of buildings. As an environmentally friendly building material, it is made from natural raw materials and is also recyclable. In order to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions, we have launched a research project on CO2-reduced concrete together with a network of partners.

This is an important step towards environmental protection and sustainability for future generations. The aim of our research project is to make jointly developed innovative formulations for CO2-reduced concrete suitable for practical use.

Innovative and climate-friendly concrete will be used for the first time in our SOLEY project in Leystrasse.

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Quote fromMaximilian Schwarzbauer

With this project, we want to be a pioneer in the construction industry and make an important contribution to climate neutrality.
Maximilian Schwarzbauer
Maximilian Schwarzbauer
STRABAG Real Estate Project Management

It's the formula that makes the difference:We reinvent concrete

  • Three concrete formulations
  • A common goal in sight
  • Procedure
  • Our project at a glance
  • What is a heatable formwork?
  • What is technical carbon?

Today for tomorrow:Decarbonising the build process

Three years ago, we started researching CO2-reduced concrete in Austria. The decarbonisation of the build process in the concrete sector is urgent and is underway worldwide. We are researching clinker-reduced performance concretes with a significantly reduced CO2 content, whose delayed strength development requires special handling. Our aim is to enable CO2 reduction and CO2 storage in concrete in order to make a contribution to climate protection. The sustainable design of the built environment makes us part of the solution to the climate problem in the concrete sector.

Foto: Betonaufbereitung©Gottfried Bühringer DOKA
Foto: Fertigabgemischter Beton wird transportiert©Gottfried Bühringer DOKA

Special project features:Cross-industry collaboration

We are part of an Austrian consortium consisting of formwork professionals, property developers, concrete and cement manufacturers and companies with technologies for the long-term passivation of carbon. By sharing knowledge, we can research innovative recipes and test them in practice. We support the measures right from the start and can therefore react immediately to any deviations. This sets us apart from other research initiatives.

The details at a glance

  • 12partner
  • 3formulations
  • 80%CO2 reduction
  • 12tests

Quote fromThomas Romm

With our innovative recipes, we are becoming part of the climate-friendly solution.
Thomas Romm
Thomas Romm
Civil Engineer, Architect and Expert for Circular Economy

Pulling in the same direction:12 partners

Hand in hand with all the major players in the Austrian construction industry. From project development and realisation to formwork: In our research project, we rely on strong collaboration between all industry experts.




CarStorCon Technologies



Hartl Materialprüfanstalt


Mischek ZT


Stadt Wien


Living a climate-friendly life at SOLEY

Climate-reduced concrete as an ecological building material, groundwater heat pump for efficient heating and cooling, photovoltaic system with battery storage as a natural energy source - SOLEY is a showcase project for climate and energy efficiency in modern residential construction in the centre of Vienna.

SOLEY, 1200 Vienna
Picture: Outside view of SOLEY from STRABAG Real Estate

Work on progress:Our path to the future has begun.

Our clear objective in real estate developments follows that of our parent company STRABAG SE: We will become climate neutral by 2040. We will not achieve this goal overnight. It is a process that requires technologies, some of which we must - and will - develop.

Anyone seeking innovative answers for the future must ask the right questions in the present - we are convinced of this. We do not commit ourselves to one construction method or one building services concept; we act on a premise and project basis, always keeping the best alternatives in mind.

Work On Progress
STRABAG campaign: Work on progress - climate neutral by 2040

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