Neighbourhood development


Short distances - modern living

Challenges for the cities of the future:We develop modern quarters for tomorrow

Urban growth

How can we strategically develop and expand cities? How can we avoid unnecessary land sealing and at the same time create living, working and leisure spaces?

Sustainability and energy transition

How do we reduce greenhouse gas emissions? How do we create climate-friendly cities? How can we protect existing ecosystems and conserve our resources?

Traffic and mobility

How do we reduce traffic and congestion and the associated air pollution? How can we improve the quality of life in cities?

Social integration

How do we create inclusive communities and living spaces for everyone and how do we avoid hotspot districts?

Economic dynamics

How do we promote economic vitality and innovation? How do we avoid social and economic imbalance?

Technological developments

How do we integrate the rapid development of technologies such as AI, autonomous transport and the Internet of Things into urban and qurater planning?

Historical and cultural protection

How do we preserve the cultural heritage and historical identity of a city and still promote progress?

Quote fromHelga Fassbinder

Close your eyes and imagine a place where you like to spend your free time to relax: perhaps a park or a forest? Now imagine that this place is right outside your window or door.
Helga Fassbinder
Helga Fassbinder

Challenge accepted:The future of liveable cities

Livable cities require holistic development and increased collaboration, addressing megatrends like sustainability, individualization, and digitalization. The vision includes integrated planning, climate resilience, high-quality living, and efficient mobility concepts. Achieving this necessitates close cooperation between local authorities for long-term sustainable solutions.

Quartiersentwicklung Folder (PDF)
Foto: nachhaltige und durchdachte Quartiersentwicklung

Benefits and function:Participatory quarter development

The initial situation

A good basis

The collaboration

Current plans and projects

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A shared vision for our city of tomorrow

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