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Upper One:We provide growing inspiration for Warsaw

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Photo: Visualization of the new project Upper One of STRABAG Real Estate in Warsaw

Highlights:Upper One powerfully represents the modern way

Warsaw has a long history of turning points, and each of them was an impulse to create new solutions and reinvent the city. In this way, Warsaw became the economic capital of Central Europe in the 1990s. Today, the city still pulses with life and new energy. Thus, the "Atrium International" is transformed into a new office tower - the Upper One.

01Upper One combines modern design with appealing architecture by Medusa Group
02Upper One represents the upcoming Warsaw

Location:Discover Warsaw in a new way

Located at the important intersection of Jan Pawet II Avenue and Grzybowska Street, Upper One blends seamlessly into the cityscape. It marks the beginning of a new generation of Warsaw business activities designed with the surrounding area, public accessibility, and local people in mind.

01Upper One is located in the city centre


al. Jana Pawła II 23, 00-854 Warsaw

al. Jana Pawła II 23, 00-854 Warsaw

Google Maps
28 minutes by car
1 minute
Railway station
5 minutes by car
2 minutes

Facts and figures

  • 35.940sqm Office
  • 34floors Office
  • 11,000sqm Hotel
  • 1Hotel

The building of the future

What comes to your mind when you hear "future"? Imagine a breathtaking, modern form that is permeated with light and blends harmoniously into its surroundings. What is behind it? Uncompromising solutions based on advanced technologies that focus on the needs of people and the natural environment. This is Upper One - a dynamic, futuristic, and functional building full of sustainable solutions, where the future is already becoming reality.

Under construction
Construction time
2023 - 2026
Areal concept

Office • 35,940 sqm gross floor area • Standard floor area approx. 1,300 sqm

Hotel • 11,000 sqm totel hotel gross floor area • 319 rooms

Medusa Group, MHM architects
Project partner
STRABAG Sp. z o.o.
Mobility concept
218 parking spaces, bicycle parking with repair columns, and changing rooms
Special features
  • LEED Platinum and WELL Building certifications are being targeted

  • Project developed in line with ESG strategy and Taxonomy criteria

  • Certificate: "Barrier Free Facility" of the Integration Foundation

  • Geothermal/heat pump for sustainable, self-sufficient heating and cooling

  • Public amphitheatre for relaxation and meetings

  • Use of recycled building materials

  • Barrier-free access

  • Panorama lifts along the facade

  • Sustainable, innovative, cost-reducing

  • ATM in the building

  • Optimal visibility of the building on one of Warsaw's busiest streets

  • Public drinking fountains

  • Terraces

Amenities:State-of-the-art features for the Upper One

The Upper One not only impresses with its particularly modern facilities, but also offers people spaces and opportunities to develop.

Technical finesse down to the smallest detailPhoto: Technical features make the Upper One project stand out
Equipped with sustainable perspectivesPhoto: Open and green spaces are reflected in the Upper One project
Healthy and livable working and livingPhoto: Bright and large spaces ensure the right meeting
There is much more to discoverPhoto: Lobby at the Upper One

Trendsetting office space in the Upper One

Photo: the Upper One has bright, large office spaces

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