Common goals, peace of mind

Development Services:What you can rely on

Our expertise is in assessing the potential of a building or land plot together with project partners and building contractors and developing it profitably. This results in concepts that combine a strong sense of the market with technical expertise. Whether our clients want to buy, hold or sell assets: As a service provider, we take a collaborative approach and work as a team to develop concepts that satisfy the individual requirements of the project.

Secure competitive advantages as a proprietor: :ESG compliant real estate

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) makes the climate contribution made by real estate comparable – thus also its future viability. Those who create transparency early on and apply the green lever secure competitive advantages. SRE supports you with a three-stage consulting system.

  • Measure 1: ESG-Scope
  • Measure 2: ESG-Potential-Analysis
  • Measure 3: ESG-Performance

Project management with system:Our strategy: Partnership

Social and technical changes are influencing how real estate projects are implemented today. In teams that are specifically put together for each project, we take care of all procedures and processes. Maintaining an open dialogue with the client and all relevant stakeholders is essential for us. This allows us to optimise processes by involving all industries and trades. In order to ensure that time and cost plans actually work out, we have systematised this approach with our teamconcept partnering model

STRABAG Teamconcept - Konzerninterne Zusammenarbeit

Service in all project phases:Recognise potential where it exists

Planning, construction, rental, renovation – real estate undergoes various stages of development. It is always a matter of sustainably increasing values. We look carefully at the potentials at each stage. We combine the strength of our locations with the expertise of the STRABAG Group.

Obtaining planning permission

Construction management


Operation & management