Land purchasing:21 locations and a lot of regional potential.

Our focus is on acquiring sites and properties in the metropolitan areas of Central and Eastern Europe. Inner-city properties or good peripheral locations are appealing. In Germany and Austria, properties and sites in the centres of Class B and Class C cities are also of interest. With one click you can go directly to the specific acquisition profile of our 13 countries.

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Your benefits

We promise to examine your offer very quickly, to offer a fair market price, to be in a position to act promptly thanks to our capital strength, to complete the due diligence process and purchase process quickly and to work in partnership with you.

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Asset classes:Land for urban development

Whether mixed-use properties, office buildings, accommodation, apartments, restaurants, hotels or retail: The properties we develop depend on the needs of the respective micro-location. We are interested in idle land without building rights, as well as existing properties in need of revitalisation or project developments that have already begun.

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Image: The ROSSIO office building with a terracotta façade in MesseCity Cologne

Information:Make us an offer!

To ensure that we can check your offer quickly and thoroughly, please send us as much information as possible. This includes key data on the construction and planning rights, floor space, current use/dedication, special features, micro and macro factors, remaining term of the rental contracts as well as your estimate of the purchase price.

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