The imperative of the future:Shaping today for tomorrow

We develop sustainable real estate values in harmony with people, the environment and digitalization, without neglecting the economic result.

Our buildings meet the comfort and sustainability criteria of our customers. They do so through the way we build, re-new and operate. We are helped in this by systematic data evaluation and our more than 50 years of experience in the real estate market. We are constantly honing our expertise to develop climate-neutral and energy-autonomous buildings that will endure over the long term.

Take a close look at ESG

Environment Social Governance:What is ESG?

ESG ("Environment Social Governance") means: "Environment, Social and Corporate Governance" describes how companies and the financial sector consider and evaluate environmental and social aspects as well as the type of corporate governance in their decisions.

Business Dictionary
  • E for Environmental
  • S for Social
  • G for Governance

The importance for us

ESG criteria are incorporated into the analysis of buildings, assets and portfolios by our investors, customers, tenants and business partners and will be formulated in ever greater detail in the future.

This is both an occasion and an incentive for us. We have had our buildings certified by the recognized DGNB and ÖGNI institutions since 2008. We are working very hard to be climate-neutral by 2040.

Sustainable glass office building with tree to reduce carbon dioxide

ESG in our Real Estate


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Quote fromHerwig Schwarz

We look at the entire life cycle of our buildings and integrate the most sustainable solution for each project individually.
Herwig Schwarz
Herwig Schwarz
Division Manager

Be measured against strict benchmarks:More than sustainable certifications

We develop according to high sustainability standards, which are certified by recognized institutions.

DGNB Certificate

ÖGNI Ceritficate


LEED Certificate

WELL v2 Certifikate

Austrian Standards

bauXund Certifikate

klimaaktiv Certifikate

BREEAM Certifikat

Work on progress:Our path to the future has begun.

Our clear objective in real estate developments follows that of our parent company STRABAG SE: We will become climate neutral by 2040. We will not achieve this goal overnight. It is a process that requires technologies, some of which we must - and will - develop.

Anyone seeking innovative answers for the future must ask the right questions in the present - we are convinced of this. We do not commit ourselves to one construction method or one building services concept; we act on a premise and project basis, always keeping the best alternatives in mind.

Work On Progress
STRABAG campaign: Work on progress - climate neutral by 2040

Opportunities through Generative Design:Resource-saving project development

It makes building not only more innovative, but also more sustainable. In the early planning phases of a building project, the influence on resources, quality, costs and deadlines is greatest. This is where we come in with Generative Design.

Energy and resource consumption, as a major influencing factor, must be considered over the entire life cycle of a building. The balance between digital transformation and proven solutions or between digitalisation and robust construction plays an important role and does not represent a conflict of objectives.

Image: Stylistic house that is digitally built generatively from individual elements

Our perspectives through generative design

The use of such a tool not only saves considerable time. We are convinced that Generative Design produces new solutions that would never have been discussed in the conventional planning process. In this way, new perspectives and diverse, innovative variants are created through structured creativity. The goal: Finding the optimal solution for your requirements - fast, automated and data-based.

Image: 3D model of a generative design in the form of a honeycomb wall

Generative Design at STRABAG

Sustainable memberships:Knowledge transfer for livable construction

We work, think and develop in a networked way. Exchange across industry boundaries is therefore an integral part of our work. Together with stakeholders and in dialog with science and the community, we design cities, neighborhoods and buildings for the future and let everyone benefit from them.

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Architecture Center Vienna

Das Architekturzentrum Wien im MuseumsQuartier ist das österreichische Architekturmuseum. Es zeigt, diskutiert und erforscht, wie Architektur und Stadtentwicklung das tägliche Leben aller Menschen prägen.

Als Architekturmuseum versteht sich das Az W als Zukunftsinstitution, in der nicht nur Wissen gesammelt, sondern Wissen geteilt wird. Im Zentrum steht die gesellschaftliche Dimension von Architektur und somit Fragen nach der gebauten Verteilungsgerechtigkeit, nach dem Zusammenleben in einer zunehmend diversen Gesellschaft sowie dem Haushalten mit Ressourcen

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