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Daniela Steurer

by Daniela Steurer

After the tour to Landgutgasse, a visit to the second educational campus "Heidemarie Lex-Nalis" in Vienna's 11th district was also on the agenda. From September 2023, 825 children and young people will be taught in the new educational facility in 12 kindergarten groups, 17 all-day primary school classes and four special needs classes.

What makes this educational campus so special? Some impressive facts:

  • 10,500 sqm of outdoor facilities, such as exercise, play, rest and learning areas, a multifunctional park and a sports field are available for children and young people to play and linger.

  • 17,000 perennials and plants have been transplanted so far.

  • 800 sqm of solar modules on the roof provide enough energy for the ongoing operation.

  • 466 different products were sampled in advance.

  • 36 geothermal probes with a total length of 5,400 running metres provide environmentally friendly heating or cooling.

  • 30 nesting sites for swifts and 22 bat roosts on the façade provide natural retreats for the animals.

  • A collector sewer from the 19th century and district heating pipes had to be built over at great expense.

    The project is part of the "Biene" (Educational Facilities New Construction Programme of Vienna), with which ten new educational facilities will be built by 2023 according to the Vienna Campus Plus model. This project is also being planned, executed, and operated by the project company of STRABAG Real Estate, HYPO NOE Leasing and Caverion Austria.


Daniela Steurer

Daniela Steurer

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