Heidemarie Lex-Nalis education campus

Heidemarie Lex-Nalis education campus, 1110 Vienna:The learning ship in the Donau Auen.

Children will find room to grow on the site of the former Donau Auen of Vienna.

Foto: Drohnenflug über den Bildungscampus Heidemarie Lex-Nalis

Highlights:Creative, play and learning room 2.0

The new educational campus in Simmering offers a comprehensive primary education program, many open spaces and green spaces, and plenty of room for child development. Starting in 2023, it will be home to three infant and nine kindergarten groups, as well as a 17-class all-day primary school and four special education classes for children with disabilities.

01Open spaces promote communication and offer even more room for creativity.
02Großzügig gestaltete Freiräume bieten reichlich Platz zum Spielen

Location:Campus Plus in Wien Simmering

Im 11. Bezirk von Wien entsteht der neue Bildungscampus der Stadt Wien. Der Campus Heidemarie Lex-Nalis wird von der Haidestraße aus erschlossen. Das Grundstück befindet sich im Bereich der ehemaligen Donauauen. Entlang der Rappachgasse verlief früher ein Donauarm. Das moderne und flache Gebäude liegt nun wie ein Schiff mit Landungsbrücken im ehemaligen Auwald.

01Viele Grünflächen und viel Platz zum Spielen oder einmal Pause machen.


Rappachgasse 44, 1110 Vienna

Rappachgasse 44, 1110 Vienna

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200 metres
Local supply
300 metres
Railway station
400 metres
200 metres

Facts and figures

  • 10,500m² garden
  • 825children
  • 6Bildungsbereiche
  • 25Jahre Betriebsphase


  • Project development
  • Project management
  • Financing

About the education campus

The new Simmering education project was named after the Austrian pioneer in elementary education, Heidemarie Lex-Nalis. In line with the commitment of its namesake, the Heidemarie Lex-Nalis education campus offers a comprehensive range of educational, therapy, creative, and sports facilities for 825 children up to 10 years of age. The implementation of the PPP project, which is a collaboration between STRABAG Real Estate and the City of Vienna, is based on a sustainable energy concept.

Construction time
2021 - 2023
Areal concept
  • approx. 12,000 m² gross floor area

  • 3 floors

  • 10,500 m² of outdoor space

POS architekten ZT GmbH
Project partner
HYPO NOE Leasing GmbH, Caverion Österreich GmbH
Used by
City of Vienna
Special features
  • Concrete core heating/cooling

  • Geothermal probes

  • Mechanical ventilation system

  • PV system

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