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Daniela Steurer

by Daniela Steurer

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Modern neighborhood development is the key to vibrant and sustainable communities in a fast-changing world. At STRABAG Real Estate, the focus is on developing well-designed neighborhoods that seamlessly combine sustainable planning and digital solutions with the needs of future residents.

The understanding of successful neighborhood development encompasses the creation of liveable, sustainable as well as functional cities. The aim is to create living and working spaces in limited areas that promote healthy coexistence through a well-thought-out social concept. Good cooperation with political decision-makers, the administration, and the future residents is essential. Integrative planning, a focus on climate resilience, a high quality of stay, modern mobility concepts and social infrastructure go hand in hand.

Neighborhood for generations

One outstanding example is the "Leben am langen Felde" residential neighborhood in Vienna's 22nd district. This intergenerational neighborhood offers modern and affordable living space for around 3,500 people. Particular attention was paid to sustainable energy concepts, such as the use of geothermal energy and photovoltaic systems.

City of short distances

Vienna's Nordbahn district also shows how urban development and nature conservation can be harmonized. The "Grätzl" has perfect public transport connections and offers its 40,000 residents a comprehensive social infrastructure with nurseries, schools, an educational campus, restaurants or local suppliers as well as modern office space. A ten-hectare green space, the "Freie Mitte", as well as spacious parks and green areas invite you to relax and linger. The Nordbahnviertel is therefore a model of a "city of short distances" with a special quality of life. Our locally located colleagues know the needs of local people and communities. Together with our innovation management and supported by the parent company STRABAG, they develop neighborhoods and projects that become places where residents enjoy living and working thanks to short distances, optimal infrastructure, and energy-efficient concepts.

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Daniela Steurer

Daniela Steurer

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