In der Wiesen Süd, 1230 Vienna

In der Wiesen Süd, 1230 Vienna:A village within the city

Generous green spaces and modern concepts in the Vienna Liesing district development

Foto: Blumenwiesen mit einem Haus
©Eva Kelety

Highlights:Active quarter and community management

"Well-designed residential districts like this one are the basis for and proof of healthy social coexistence in a city. The so-called community building is supported by an urban farming area, attractive rooftop areas with a pool, sun terrace, spa and shady trees."

01Sustainable materials were used in the development of the Wiesen Süd neighbourhood.
©Eva Kelety

Location:A lively residential area in the middle of Liesing

Where horticulture was practiced for decades, in the vicinity of Harry Glück's famous Alterlaa residential park, special residential quarters are being created with generous green and open spaces, community gardens and sustainable energy concepts. One of these is the "In der Wiesen" urban quarter, which focuses on sport and exercise, climate-resilient neighborhood planning and innovative and affordable housing models.

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01Green axis as a central green zone in the neighbourhood provides exercise and fun


Kugelmanngasse 3, 1230 Vienna

Kugelmanngasse 3, 1230 Vienna

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Facts and figures

  • 800Apartments
  • U6Station Alterlaa
  • 5Property developer
  • 1Child day care centre

In der Wiesen Süd

The innovative urban development project focuses on cross-quarter management, a "green axis" as a central green space, socially mixed neighborhoods and urban gardening. An active neighborhood and community management promotes social interaction. Climate-neutral heating and cooling with heat pumps is unique in low-cost residential construction. The concept combines sustainable, green living spaces with social integration and modern technologies to create a vibrant and ecologically responsible future of living.

Construction time
Completion 2017
Project partner
Mischek, bwsg, heimbau, Wien Süd

In der Wiesen Süd neighbourhood plan

Foto: In der Wiesen Süd Quartiersplan

Quote fromRuth Jedliczka

Climate-neutral heating and cooling with heat pumps is unique in low-cost residential construction.
Ruth Jedliczka
Ruth Jedliczka
Business Unit Manager Real Estate Development

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